Wedding Sets

Rajavivaha offers a combination of Wedding Sets that would leave you dazzling on your most important day. Silk Dhoti or Silk Readymade (Panchakatcham) Dhoti is the traditional attire for a groom. Rajavivaha has a choice of Silk Shirts and Silk Kurtas that can be paired up with a Silk Dhoti or a Silk Readymade (Panchakatcham) Dhoti. Further, you can complete your traditional look with a Silk Angavastram. Here are a few ways you can mix and match your Wedding Set.

Silk Shirt with Silk Dhoti is the most preferred type of attire for a Wedding. Sporting a Silk Angavastram along with Silk Shirt and Silk Dhoti will enhance the elegance of the groom. You can place the Silk Angavastram on one side of your shoulder or drape them around your neck like a scarf. A Silk Shirt and a Silk Dhoti along with a Silk Angavastram is a customary gift given to the groom by the bride’s parents.

In some Weddings, the groom drapes a Silk Readymade (Panchakatcham) Dhoti and wears the Silk Angavastram as an upper garment instead of a Silk Kurta. However, the perfect groom attire is pairing the Silk Readymade (Panchakatcham) Dhoti with a Silk Kurta and wearing a Silk Angavastram around your neck.

Whatever combination you choose, Rajavivaha's Wedding Set collection will bring out the best in you.

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